(Updated October 2019)

Notes on Fees

  • Existing MES Year 6 students going on to Year 7 do not have to pay for items 1 and 2 when they progress from the Primary School to the Secondary.

  • Term Fees

    a) New students joining after the 6th week of term will be allowed to pay half of the Term Fees. Those joining after the start of term but before the seventh week will have to pay the full Term’s Fees.
    b) Students from the Reception Class who opt to leave at12.30 pm instead of the usual 2.00pm are entitled to a RM500 discount in the Term Fees only.
    c) Sibling Discount: In any particular term, if there is more than 1 student from a particular family enrolled in MES, then the  younger sibling(s) will enjoy a 10% discount on the Term Fees only for that term.

  • Deposit

    a) The difference in the deposit must be topped up as a student progresses through the school to reflect an equivalent of one term’s fees.
    b) The deposit is refundable when the student leaves school only if ONE FULL SCHOOL TERM’S NOTICE is given in advance in writing while the student is still in school.

  • Annual Resource Fee: If a student joins the school in the middle of any term, the Annual Resource Fee will be pro-rated according to the term.

  • Increase in Fees after July 2021: Malacca Expatriate School reserves the right to increase all Fees by up to 10% in the academic year 2021-2022

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