Notes on Fees

  • Full registration fees are charged to all students who register at the Malacca Expatriate School any time during the school year.

  • Students in the Reception Class may opt for a xhortes day (from 8.30~12.00 noon). The fees for the shorter day will be a reduction of RM500 from the nomal Term Fees.

  • Existing MES Year 6 students going to Year 7 do not have to pay for items 1 and 2 above. Items 3,4 and 5 are payable. New students are required to pay for items 1 to 5.

  • The deposit is refundable if one full SCHOOL TERM’S NOTICE is given in writing.
    This must be done while the student is still in school and before the end of the school’s first/second/third term.
    The deposit will be forfeited if no written notice is given while the student is still in school.

  • The difference in the deposit must be topped up as a student progresses through the school to reflect a term’s fees.

  • Term Fees may be pro-rated ONLY for the following:

    a. A new student commencing school after the sixth week of a school term is entitled to pay half of the term’s fees.
    b. Departing students leaving part way through a term are required to pay the following fees:
    – Departing within 0-6 weeks of the start of term: half-term fee.
    – Departing more than 6 weeks after the start of term: full term fee.

  • Annual Resource Fee: If a student joins the school in the middle of any term, the Annual Resource Fee will be pro-rated to the term.