Students in Reception (Kindergarten) and Year 1 are given termly Student Progress Reports. Students in Year 2 – Year 6 are given monthly Student Progress Reports with an attainment grade, an effort grade and comments for each subject. Parent-Teacher Conferencing is held termly, where parents are given an opportunity to discuss the child’s progress both academically and socially. Students are given individual goals and targets each term.

In July, end of year exams are held for all academic subjects for students in Years 2-6. Project work is assessed throughout the year.


Year 6 students will sit for the Cambridge Checkpoint Assessment in April for English, Mathematics and Science. Papers are sent back to England to be marked.

Students in all years sit for the Nelson NFER Reading and Maths Assessment which provide a standardized measurement of the child’s reading age and score. These are given twice in each year- as the child enters the class in September, and as they leave the class in July.