MES Primary Curriculum

The Malacca Expatriate School (Primary) follows the Cambridge Primary education programme for young learners which combines a world class curriculum, high quality support for teachers and integrated assessment. The programme has been developed by the University of Cambridge International Examinations, the world’s largest provider of international education programmes and qualifications. Cambridge Primary helps develop learners who are confident, responsible, innovative and engaged.

Cambridge Primary covers:

  • English

  • English as a Second Language

  • Mathematics

  • Science

for learners aged 5-11. The Cambridge programmes and qualifications are taken internationally in over 160 countries in 9000 schools and recognized by education providers across the world. Schools following the Cambridge primary programme are given the flexibility to choose elements that are right for their learners. The Malacca Expatriate School has chosen to include aspects of the more challenging Singapore curriculum for Mathematics.

The school follows the British curriculum for all other subjects, providing a high standard of education that is both enjoyable and stimulating. The curriculum is handled from a child-centred perspective, with lots of hands-on activities, field trips and by using audio visual resources. The curriculum is supported by excellent library facilities.

Primary School

Subject Details
English The Cambridge Primary English curriculum is presented in five content areas. The framework promotes an enquiry-based approach to learning to develop thinking skills and encourage intellectual engagement.
Phonics, spelling and vocabulary and Grammar and punctuation are about use of English. Grammar and punctuation is further divided into Reading and Writing to reflect the different ways in which grammar and punctuation are applied in each of these skills. Reading, Writing and Speaking and listening are about developing thinking skills and encouraging intellectual engagement.
This curriculum aims to enable readers to communicate confidently and effectively and to develop critical skills in order to respond to a range of information, media and texts with enjoyment and understanding. Learners who follow this framework will develop a first language competency in English based on a curriculum designed to be successful in any culture and to promote cross cultural understanding. The Cambridge Primary English curriculum provides a solid foundation on which the later stages of education can be built. The curriculum framework is designed to engage learners in an active and creative learning journey.
Mathematics The curriculum provides a comprehensive set of progressive learning objectives for mathematics. The objectives detail what the learner should know or what they should be able to do in each year of primary education. The learning objectives provide a structure for teaching and learning and a reference against which learners’ ability and understanding can be checked.
The Cambridge Mathematics curriculum is presented in five content areas :Number, Geometry, Measure, Handling Data and Problem solving. The first four content areas are all underpinned by Problem solving, which describes using techniques and skills and the application of understanding and strategies in problems. Mental strategies are also a key part of the Number content. This curriculum focuses on principles, patterns, systems, functions and relationships so that learners can apply their mathematical knowledge and develop a holistic understanding of the subject. The Cambridge Primary Mathematics curriculum framework provides a solid foundation upon which the later stages of education can be built.
Science The Cambridge Primary Science Curriculum is presented in four content areas: Scientific enquiry, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Scientific enquiry is about considering ideas, evaluating evidence, planning investigative work and recording and analysing data. The Scientific enquiry objectives underpin Biology, Chemistry and Physics, which are focused on developing confidence and interest in scientific knowledge. Environmental awareness and some history of science are also incorporated.
The Cambridge Primary Science curriculum framework provides a solid foundation upon which the later stages of education can be built.